Electrical Troubleshooting

We provide full-service electrical solutions for homes and businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas.

JES Electric specializes in total home and office electrical troubleshooting. From wiring to power outlets, switches, GFI’s and breakers, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the issue identified and resolved right the first time. We are licensed electricians and insured for your protection.

Safety First

Electricity can be very dangerous and has harmed many people over the years, even causing loss of life. We take for granted the wall outlets that provide so much to us daily. Each wall outlet has a limit, set by the wiring, breaker and the outlet itself. Exceeding this limit, can cause unseen hazards, fires, equipment failures and even death. Most home and business owners just plug things in, adding multi-outlet adapters and power strips without regard for the outlet, the wiring or the breaker.

This may initially work, however over time it damages the outlet, the breaker and even effects other areas of the environment. This causes power spikes, power loss, arching, heat energy and other factors that use the power inefficiently and drive up your electricity bill as well as damage electrical appliances throughout the environment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, computers and TV’s. It is always best to put safety first. We can help troubleshoot any residential or business electrical issue and help prevent them by inspecting electrical your system and usage.

A few common electrical troubleshooting concerns are power outlet or switch, breaker or fuse or even electrical fixture failures as well as GFI Overloading. We will quickly and accurately diagnose and identify the issue and provide you with the right solution.


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We understand that time, money and great service are important to our customers. That is why we aim to provide efficient, affordable and friendly electrical services for our residential and commercial customers in the Houston area.

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